Taiwan Patent Prosecution
Our staff has accumulated abundant experience dealing with Taiwan patent applications, thus, we have the capability to provide high quality professional services to our clients.

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Procurement
Today's competitive economic landscape requires securing solid intellectual property rights. Often, a key component used in determining the value of a company is the ownership and rights of their intellectual property. When properly secured, a business' intellectual property can generate continuous financial returns, open windows of opportunity, or secure a steady and strong position in the developing global market. Poor or inadequate rights can result in lost opportunities or eventual termination of economic existence. Thus, it is critical to enlist the assistance of an experienced and skilled professional intellectual property law firm when seeking to obtain strong intellectual property rights.

 At Giant Group we really understand the value of your ideas. Our attorneys counsel and assist clients in acquisition and protection of all forms of intellectual properties. Giant Group provides critical services that will help our clients realize their full market potential. Preparation, filing and prosecution of United States patents and trademarks are all done with an eye toward maximizing protection.

 A growing number of corporations acknowledge that their intellectual property is often their most valuable asset. They understand that it should be managed the same as other investments, focusing on developing new opportunities that will increase the value of their intellectual property portfolio. In order to facilitate the process, our attorneys seek to not only understand our clients' needs from a traditional legal perspective, but also from a business related point of view.

Litigation and Conflict Resolution
 Giant Group has extensive experience in courts, and before government agencies. Our experiences cover the full depth and breadth of intellectual property law: patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and related antitrust issues. We are often called upon for expert advice in the acquisition and procurement of intellectual property rights. Additionally, because conflicts and disputes are often resolved before they even enter legal proceedings, our attorneys are highly skilled and successful at employing all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.

 Our goal is to provide our clients with the best, most cost-effective and practical legal advice and services available that will fully address their intellectual property requirements. Giant Group handles a variety of intellectual property rights issues including, but is not limited to, acquisition and protection of patents, domain names, trademarks, and copyrighted content, negotiation of licensing agreements, investigation and providing opinions regarding website infringement, and counsel and guidance in resolving disagreements regarding the proprietary rights of individuals and organizations involved in the development of artistic creations and original website contents. Our list of clients involved in these practice areas range from established companies to individuals. This list includes universities, research centers, government agencies, companies, and manufacturing concerns.

 Even before biotechnology captured the imagination of people, Giant Group was providing our clients with timely counsel and assistance in dealing with the emerging innovations associated with the biotechnology industry. Recognizing the unique challenges generated by this industry, the firm assembled a team of lawyers and technical engineers possessing the skills, experience, and industry knowledge required to effectively meet the needs of our clients. Firm members possessing an array of biotech related degrees and experiences are able to represent companies in a variety of biotechnology and life science fields.

 A large proportion of patents annually granted in the world relate to chemical and pharmaceutical products and processes. Litigation relating to those patents is also abundant. Because of inherent difficulties associated with protecting chemical and pharmaceutical related intellectual property rights, it is necessary to work with legal experts who are familiar with the regulations that are unique to this field of research. In particular, the adoption of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement) in 1994 represented a historical change in the regulation of intellectual property, with profound implications in the area of pharmaceutical patents.
 Giant Group's chemical and pharmaceutical group is well versed in the legal regulations and recent developments of the industry. Our engineers have extensive training and experience in the field of chemistry, with many holding scientific and technical degrees related to this industry.

Computers and Electronics
 Giant Group has a long history of assisting computer and electronic manufacturing and development organizations. Because many of our engineers and attorneys have educational backgrounds and practical experience in electronics, computer hardware, computer software and related fields of study, Giant Group can effectively service all computer and electronic related intellectual property needs. Thus, in addition to filing industry related patent applications on behalf of our clients, our attorneys assist in the effective commercialization of intellectual property by drafting and negotiating software licensing and end user agreements, technology transfer, joint ventures and sponsored research projects, and specialized agreements between interested parties.

Internet and E-commerce
 The remarkable rise of the Internet and e-commerce has generated a tremendous surge in new patentable innovations and methods. Many of the latest inventions arising from the Internet are essential components of startups and are considered their most valuable asset, warranting special care be taken to protect their intellectual property. Additionally, one of the key benefits of the Internet is the speed at which information can be exchanged. Giant Group has prepared and filed numerous patent applications covering a range of Internet and e-commerce related technologies and activities.

Giant Group's mechanical and practice covers a wide range of technologies. The firm is ideally suited for these areas, due to the deep industry experience and extensive educational background of our engineers and patent attorneys.