Company Profile

Giant Group is a strong, energetic firm with more than 10 attorneys serving a worldwide client base. Our firm takes advantage of the wealth of experience of our attorneys. This approach results in cost-effective resolutions of client problems. Most of our attorneys are nationally renowned experts in their specialties, as well as active members and even leaders of professional associations. Before joining Giant Group, several of our attorneys were prosecutors or judges in Taiwan.


While we have specialized practice groups in each of our divisions, we are proud of our ability to combine the exceptional and varied talents of our attorneys across different disciplines in all divisions to meet our clients’ needs and to provide them with high quality advice by use of our intellect, expertise and innovative thinking. At Giant Group, we combine a multidisciplinary approach with our long-standing reputation as a provider of efficient legal services through the teamwork of our attorneys, consultants, paralegals, and patent engineers in a cost-effective manner.

Founded in 1984, Giant Group is specialized in domestic and international patent application, litigation and licensing, as well as trademark and copyright registration. Regardless of whether you are seeking legal protection for a piece of intellectual property, or being accused of infringing someone else's intellectual property, you can deal with this complex area of law successfully through Giant Group. We grow rapidly, thanks to our expertise in technology-related patent law. Giant Group serves the intellectual property needs of businesses and industries ranging from agriculture to software, consumer products to heavy machinery, and biotechnology to medical science. Giant Group’s domestic and international practice includes all areas of intellectual property:

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Unfair Competition, Trade Secrets, Computer Software/Internet Protection.


Giant Group has a worldwide network of association with other leading firms of lawyers which enable us to assist clients and agents all over the world on both domestic and international issues: conducting Taiwan and foreign patent and trademark searches; preparing and filing applications; and conducting oppositions, cancellations, interferences, handling license arrangements and assisting in dispute resolution in Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, China State Intellectual Property Office and Hong Kong Intellectual Property Office. We also perform legal and intellectual property consulting work on behalf of international law firms and trademark agents that need professional and timely representation on behalf of their clients in intellectual property protection matters, and litigation. Giant Group also has a significant involvement in high-tech research conducted by major universities, utility research centers, and government-supported institutions. At the inception of a new inventive idea or trademark, Giant Group conducts searches through its large database of patents and trademarks by a computer for quick, convenient reference.


Vision: grow steadily, be globalized, and become our clients’ best patent partner.
Business Philosophy: professional service & customer satisfaction.
Corporate Culture:
1. team work: always give priority to our clients and our collective interests.
2. dedication: enthusiasm and devotion.
3. employee satisfaction: employees be adequately rewarded.

LOGO Design Concept

The Giant Group’s logo shows a big red letter “G”, the first letter of the English word “Giant”. The big red letter “G” denotes enthusiasm, energy, and esteem-oriented services. Beside the big red letter “G” is a red planar region bounded by a circle and hollowed out to display a small white letter “G”, the first letter of the English word “Group”. The small white letter “G” indicates group wisdom and includes an arrow that points in the upper-right direction. The arrow suggests an advancing ambitious team composed of the Giant Group and clients thereof.

LOGO Color System


LOGO Diagram

The triangles not only give a sense of omnidirectional equilibrium but also vary in size to deliver a message that our team members differ in specialty to thereby maximize the team’s efficacy in serving clients in different trades and providing the best legal protection to the clients.

Award & Recognition

Giant Group is included in the top-ten list of “The World’s Leading IP Practices 2002” in annual surveys by Managing Intellectual Property (a Euro money publication).